What is Fostering Together?

Fostering Together’s mission is to invest in life-changing relationships with children in foster care. The goal is to see all foster families and the children they foster receive extended family-style support. To accomplish this, we facilitate the development of a Care Community for every foster family who is approved with a Fostering Together partner organization.

We want foster families to thrive as a result of having their Care Communities nearby and active in their lives and the lives of the children they foster. Whenever possible, we also want to aid in the successful reunification of children with their birth families by helping great families from our congregation come alongside those birth families during their journeys toward reunification.

We are seeking healthy families and individuals that are willing to pursue approvals to become ministry participants in Fostering Together.

Supporting Mentor

The ideal first step is to support a Foster Family before making a deeper commitment. Are you someone who has the capacity to do the following?

  • Mentor and encourage children who are in foster care.
  • Provide childcare, transportation, meals, and other forms of day/evening support for a Foster Family two to three times each month.
  • Pursue the needed approvals (background check, fingerprinting, driver’s license, automobile insurance, etc.).
  • Attend a two-hour training session prior to your first assignment to a Care Community.

Please watch this video to hear more from existing Supporting Mentor about this role.

Respite Families

Are you someone who has the capacity to do the following?

  • Be the anchor member of the Foster Family’s support team by providing day/evening help one to two times each month.
  • Provide overnight help one weekend each month.
  • Pursue approvals (35 hours of training and home-study) to become the “aunt/uncle” figure in a foster child’s life.

Please watch this video to hear more from some of our Respite Families.

Foster Families

Are you someone who has the capacity to:

  • Have children who are, often, very different from your own children come to live with you for days, weeks or months while their birth family works to correct issues that stand in the way of their relationship with their children?
  • Can you imagine coaching and encouraging a parent who has lost their child into state custody?

Please watch this video to hear more from a few of our Foster Families

If you are already a Foster Family but have not connected with Fostering Together yet, connect with us now.
If you have questions about Fostering Together, contact foster@northpointministries.net.

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